New intranet launched for John Lewis employees

John Lewis, one of the UK’s leading retail brands, has announced the launch of a new intranet for its 85,000 staff members.

The company has a special relationship with its staff, in that they are not strictly employees, but ‘Partners’, with each individual having a stake in the business. Indeed, the new intranet strives to enhance the centrality of this ‘Partnership’ concept to the organisation.

Speaking about the new network, Design Week’s Emily Gosling said:

“The new intranet is based on a social networking model, and is available to all staff working across John Lewis and Waitrose. It aims to help support staff from all departments in their work, whether their role is office or store-based.”

Crucially, the intranet has been designed to work optimally on mobile devices, including tablets, to support partners who often work away from their desks but still need to keep up to date. Moreover, the network encourages team members to share ideas and information across the organisation.

Darrel Worthington, who worked on the project, proudly cited the John Lewis mission statement when he spoke about the end-result. He said:

“Our intranet will usher in a new era of communication and collaboration in the Partnership.”

Here at WM360, where we specialise in SharePoint development, we welcome the launch of such a high-profile intranet. It helps to emphasise the key role that a well-constructed intranet can play in the life of an organisation; stimulating creativity, and simplifying processes.

For more information on how we can help with your SharePoint needs contact: or call +44 20 3589 0555.

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